In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I chat with Gordana Mikalicki a/ka/a @lawyergordi, about how she’s working to transform the personal injury marketing in Phoenix, AZ, with her unique branding and service model.

Gordana founded Elmm Law Group because she found the Arizona personal injury legal market to be stale and saturated with predominately male-run firms more concerned about their bottom lines than client injuries. 

The Elmm Law Group prides itself on providing clients with a non-traditional law firm experience focusing on direct attorney-client contact (she gives clients her private cell phone number), diligence, & straightforwardness. It uses modern technology to elevate efficiency and build client case values.

Listen in as Gordi and I discuss:

  • What influenced her to want to be a lawyer even at an early age
  • Her journey from serving as an Assistant Attorney General and public service work to personal injury lawyer (and the mindset shift that helped her make the transition)
  • What turns her off about most personal injury marketing, why she thinks it hurts the profession, and what she’s doing differently
  • What she did as a new law firm owner to keep her business growing during the COVID pandemic
  • How she overcame her fear of being in videos on social media and created a successful brand
  • What she looks for in hiring her staff and why she’s found it to be more important than a particular skillset.
  • Her number one piece of advice to women lawyers who want to start and scale a law firm business (Hint: Don’t expect her to sugarcoat it.)
  • And much more!

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