Elise Buie’s goal is for her entire team to work remotely 95% of the time, and she is well on her way. Buie shares with us the systems and technology she’s put in place for herself and her team, which, to date, includes three other attorneys and admin staff scattered all over the Seattle, Washington area.


She says it’s all about checklists, automation, as much as possible, and efficiency… while at the same time not losing the human connection we all need.


We also talk about how she approaches her family law work in a way that helps families not only survive, but thrive after divorce, why helping parents learn to be good co-parents is so important to her, and much more.  


Tune in to discover…

  • Why she can go weeks without stepping foot in the office
  • The most important trait clients are looking for when hiring a lawyer
  • What every remote worker needs… or they’ll be doomed to fail at their job
  • The critical lessons she learned in her personal relationships that she brings to her work
  • And more