On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Doug Brown, Chief Learning Officer and coach at Summit Success. Through their executive coaching, consulting, and publication division, Summit Success works with high-performing executives, business leaders, and professionals to ensure that they have the tools they need to live rich, full, and balanced lives. 

Doug says, “My business is helping lawyers improve their businesses; It’s about filling the practice with the perfect client. Yes, it’s possible to have perfect clients, people who you’re meant to serve, who you love working with, and who love you back, and to do it faster and make more money so that you get to do things like take a vacation and look forward to going to work.”

We chat about Doug’s journey from attorney to executive coaching, as well as::

  • Recent innovations in the way the legal industry is serving clients

  • Sales skills and marketing strategies for attorneys

  • Helping attorneys find and retain their ideal clients

  • Fundamental, learnable management skills and the importance of continuing education

  • And more