On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Chelsea Williams. Chelsea is the founder of Core Solutions Group Inc. which provides accounting, tax, and cash management solutions for law firms to maximize your growth and profits.

Chelsea says: “One of the realizations that I came to when I worked in the traditional tax and accounting world was how very reactive the services tended to be. When I say that, what I mean is, maybe the accounting firm would hand over the monthly financials, but it kind of stopped there. Business owners would look at the financials and almost go cross-eyed. They weren’t actually being proactive and taking the time to understand their financials, and we weren’t working with them to do that. When I founded Core Solutions Group, I founded it based around the idea of proactive services and engaging with our clients to go above and beyond.”

We chat about generating wealth and using it in impactful ways, as well as:

  • Addressing the challenge of understanding our financials and learning what numbers to focus in on

  • Creating and working with a budget in useful ways

  • Using budgetary information to allocate money towards business growth

  • Accounting for pandemic relief loans

  • And more