On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Carol Williams, Founder and CEO of Williams Immigration. Carol is a former Adjudications Officer at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and founded Williams Immigration to be able to offer personalized service to companies, employees, and families seeking legal counsel within the complex area of immigration law.

Carol knew she wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age and had this to say about it: “As a little kid, even though I didn’t know exactly what a lawyer did, I knew that they explained the legal process to their clients, and every night I would wonder if people that had been arrested really understood what was about to happen to them. So, I just put it in my head that I wanted to be that person to explain. I didn’t know whether they were guilty or innocent, but I just wanted to be that person who really kind of held their hand and just explained what was about to happen to them and guided them through that process.”

Even though Carol ultimately chose not to pursue a career in criminal law, she stayed true to her goal of helping people navigate complex legal systems. Today, she’s a successful immigration attorney—at a time when really good immigration attorneys are needed more than ever.

We chat about Carol’s journey to creating Williams Immigration, as well as:

  • Why women have a unique perspective on working in immigration

  • Being unabashedly honest and embracing your truest self

  • Important qualities of a legal professional that can’t be taught

  • Changes in immigration practice

  • And more