Our guest on this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast is Billie Tarascio. She is the founder and owner of Modern Law and Access Legal. As a family law and divorce attorney, Billie sought to develop a certified legal document preparation and technology company dedicated to increasing access to justice. She is also a national speaker and author of the books Decode Your Divorce and Tiger Tactics: Winning Strategies for Building Law Firms

Billie says, “I wanted to be able to offer low-cost legal services and forward-facing legal documents that could be automated and customized. So, the sister company, I Do Over, is run by certified legal document preparers, which are paralegals that help people do their documents and get everything filed. It was a workaround, I had to open up two companies and set up walls and have the right contracts in order to offer this business model (in addition to the more traditional law practice).”

We chat about Billie’s experience in opening a law firm in Arizona almost as soon as she moved there, the challenges she’s faced in growing her practice and starting its sister company, plus:

  • The mistakes and lessons she’s learned hiring and managing a team of employees
  •  How delegating tasks and empowering others was the best decision in her growth journey
  • Why her “law firm constitution” has been such a powerful tool
  • How learning and adopting the Net Promoter Score catapulted her firm to success (and provided tremendous insight into her clients)
  • And much more