Boomtime specializes in helping law firms make the most of their online marketing. Founder and CEO Bill Bice believes that lawyers have untapped resources they could take advantage of to grow the business – if only they knew where to find those resources and how to leverage them.


For Bill, it’s all about data – understanding what’s important (especially about your prospects and customers) and then using that to market more effectively and efficiently. That’s a path to growth but also a huge obstacle to lawyers, who are good at what they do but aren’t necessarily equipped to tackle the intricacies of digital marketing.


We talk about how small firms can step up their marketing game, including…


  • The 3 main marketing channels you should focus on
  • Why the 90/10 rule is so important (and how to stick to it)
  • How to automate your marketing for more leads and new clients
  • The biggest mistakes small firms make with marketing – especially their websites
  • And more