Many small business owners think they don’t need legal help until they’re facing a lawsuit or some other major legal issue. In fact, says Ayesha Chidolue, it should be part of their budget from day one… when the business is just an idea.

If you can’t afford to consult with a lawyer at the outset to make sure you are doing it right, she says, perhaps you aren’t ready to own a business.

We also talk about the challenges of starting a solo law firm and setting it up for future growth when moving to a totally new community where you have no connections.

Listen in to discover…

  • The simplest – and most effective – ways to protect your intellectual property
  • Why hiring a local attorney is better than using an online service for your legal needs
  • The 70/30 strategy for balancing work and family life
  • How to create a mastermind group – and who should be in it
  • And more