On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast, we speak with Attorney Amber James, founder of New Beginnings Family Law. New Beginnings Family Law is a family law firm in Huntsville, Alabama, serving clients with matters including divorce, child custody and support issues, mediation, adoption, and estate planning.

“Family law was my calling, that was what I was meant to do. The pain and agony of family law, and the opportunity we have as lawyers, to speak into their lives and help them find a way to start over became my calling, and became what I knew my vision has been now for the last 13 years,” says Amber.

We chat with Amber about how she’s grown her firm so successfully, why her clients clamor to refer her, plus…

  • Marketing growth secrets

  • How being relatable and authentic makes practicing much more rewarding

  • The importance of diversity and equal representation in marketing

  • How the firm obtained client video testimonials for its website

  • And more