Our guest on this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast is Amanda Abella. Amanda is an award-winning content creator, business coach, and the founder and CEO of Make Money Your Honey, a marketing and sales training company that specializes in creating world-class business programs for women.  

She’s also a recovering under earner, people pleaser, and over giver who spent years afraid of becoming a sell-out. She’ll tell us what helped her step out of all of those roles and onto a stage where she could help more people with her gifts. Now her clients go from hating sales to huge close rates. 

We’ll talk to her about the quarter-life crisis that changed the trajectory of her career, her book, “Make Money Your Honey,” as well as: 

  • The mindset transition that will help you finally earn the money you deserve
  • Why undercharging for your services leads to failure
  • The top 3 mistakes she sees women make in sales
  • How to change your outlook in one easy step
  • And more