Our guest on this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast is Alycia Kinchloe, Founder and CEO of Kinchloe Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to starting her own firm, Alycia managed a midsize firm for several years, hiring and training attorneys and staff and helping to expand the firm from 1 to 140 team members. She currently practices family law, leads A House Divided Podcast to provide resources for the community to help create stronger families, and provides business expertise with other entrepreneurs on the Growth Goal Podcast. 

Alycia says, “Our goal is to build stronger communities and families through the way that we choose our clients, the way that we advocate for cases, and also the way that we provide community engagement.”

We chat about Alycia finding her calling in the legal field and staying steadfast on her path, as well as:

  • Building a broad perspective of every role in a firm to manage more effectively
  • What to do when you realize you’ve been working for someone else’s dream
  • Best ways to approach the challenges of switching practice areas of law
  • Identifying a need in her community and defying traditional gender roles
  • Empowering parents and building stronger families through education of their rights
  • And more.