On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast, we speak with Alexis Austin, CEO of Right Law Group, a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Law Firm founded in June 2018. Since its inception, RLG has grown from one to nine full-time employees and is emerging as a sleek, technology-savvy firm. 

Alexis says, “It has been very, very interesting to see that the more people I bring on, the more quickly we generate revenue. And, it’s not just attorneys, it’s anyone. So, I think taking the leap and knowing that the more you grow, the more you can provide that service to your clients, which means handling more clients in a better way, is really the key to our quick success.”

Alexis discusses her path as a continuous seeker of knowledge, as well as:

  • Stepping into where you want to be, not where you are
  • Staying true to your unique path, regardless of others’ advice
  • The importance of branding your firm outside of yourself
  • Approaching client questions as a team to maximize attorney time
  • Right Law Group’s fixed fee strategy
  • And more.