Are you suffering from the “success dilemma” in your firm?

It’s one many women law firm owners seem to be struggling with right now… they are so successful that they are turning away work and yet, they can’t hire the talented A+ associates, paralegals and admins they need to meet the demand.

If you are feeling the hiring pinch, know it’s not just you, and it’s not an illusion. Daily media reports are filled with stories of the “Great Resignation” and the U.S. labor shortage. Apparently, law firms are not exempt.

Today, on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, I share five strategies to help you cultivate the team you need to grow your firm and work fewer hours—even though, right now, good help is hard to find:

  • Why “Think Different” will be the hiring mantra of growing firms for the next decade
  • How to use the factor of “specificity” to find hidden talent in your network, eager for a new opportunity  
  • The employment ad secret that pre-screens for top candidates before they ever apply
  • And more…