What do you want 2022 to look like for your life and your law firm business?

Maybe you had a different vision in your head when you started your firm—you thought if you struck out on your own you’d have more time with your loved ones, to travel, or pursue your other passions. But right now you’re working all the time and your dreams still seem out of reach. 

Does that sound familiar? If so, this episode is especially for you. Today, I am sharing how you can make your dreams of working less, making more, and living the life you’ve dreamed of a reality for 2022—in just five steps. 

Listen to discover…

  • The disconnect that’s keeping you from reaching your long-term goals and how being honest with yourself about this one thing can change EVERYTHING
  • The one word that will free up your time (and when to use it)
  • Where to invest your time and resources NOW to transform your future (so at this time next year your wildest dreams could be coming true)
  • And much more!