On this week’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, we focus on three ways to avoid the planning pitfalls too often made when engaging in goal setting, and how to successfully implement strategies for success in the new year.

Like many of you, we are excited to close out 2020 and welcome in a new year and a new chapter. Our mission in 2021 is to continue providing you with more tips, teachings, and trainings to support you in your law firm growth and wealth-creation journey.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we discuss:

  • How to assess your strengths so you can lead with them going forward
  • One thing you must have before you write your new plan
  • Why KPIs are so important and which ones I recommend you start tracking now
  • The surefire method to use if you actually want to get things done
  • Why success is not a solo project—even if you are a solo
  • And much more.