In today’s episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, it is my pleasure to interview Elise Holtzman of The Lawyer’s Edge.

Elise is passionate about attorney success and happiness! She is a former practicing lawyer, professional coach and trainer, and the CEO of The Lawyer’s Edge. The Lawyer’s Edge helps law firm grow by helping lawyers become better business developers and leaders.

Elise is also the creator of The Lawyer’s Edge podcast and frequently speaks for law firms and bar associations. She’s also the creator of the Lawyers Making it RainTM program and the Ignite Women’s Business Development Accelerator.

In today’s episode, we discuss…

  • Elise’s journey from pre-med to law school, and then Big Law attorney to professional coach and trainer
  • How she defines marketing and business development—and distinguishes between the two
  • Her expert advice for lawyers who hate marketing and networking
  • The mindset shift that can completely transform your business development results
  • How she thinks the pandemic has challenged and transformed law firm marketing
  • Challenges (and advantages) unique to women rainmakers
  • Specific tasks you can delegate to others to help you with your business development (Hint: You don’t have to do it all.)
  • The biggest mistake Elise observes lawyers make when it comes to business development
  • And much more!

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