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Whether you use it or not, LinkedIn is a household name for creating professional relationships online. While it often has a masculine, stuffy energy, it is possible to employ your LinkedIn profile to work for you and your business. It’s also a platform that makes connecting with others in your niche incredibly easy.

Cara Steinmann is a business development strategist who helps purpose-driven women service entrepreneurs build strategic networks that lead to rapid referrals and more ideal clients. She believes the collective power of women is the key to dismantling systems of oppression and has made it her mission to connect as many women as she can so they can build more wealth and amplify their impact together.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Cara joins Davina to share some of her secrets to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile. You’ll learn what relationship marketing is and why it isn’t the same as friendship, how to overcome the noise on social media, and how creating referral partners on LinkedIn can result in a ripple effect for your business.

Show Highlights:

  • Cara’s focus on business development, how she helps women use LinkedIn to work smarter–not harder, and how she developed the idea for her business
  • 5 ways she uses LinkedIn to build relationships and create connections, and why it’s valuable for building business strategies in niches
  • What relationship marketing is, how your core values play a role in those relationships, and how it can help you overcome the noise in business
  • Her secret to building relationships on LinkedIn in a way that doesn’t feel like spamming people and creates value
  • One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the creation of meaningful LinkedIn connections and how to identify people who don’t align with your goals

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