On this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Davina interviews attorney Rachel King, a veteran, entrepreneur, wife, mother, triathlete, ultra-marathoner, and yogi. Rachel founded King Law Firm in 2014, focusing on litigation in elder abuse, undue influence, family law, conservatorships, guardianships, and will and trust contests.

Join Davina as she and Rachel explore her early exposure to the legal field through her father, the life experiences that helped her get through law school, and the law firm she started with just $1,800. Plus, listen in as they discuss the reason Rachel decided to intentionally shrink the size of her law firm team after scaling up for years. (You are going to love this story!)

Show Highlights:

  • Rachel King’s areas of law practice and why she loves litigation.
  • The unplanned detour Rachel took before attending college and law school.
  • How Rachel decided to begin her own law firm and what she did with her initial $1,800 capital investment.
  • The grassroots solo marketing campaign she used to bring in business initially.
  • Rachel’s father’s advice to her as she entered the legal field and her determination to be authentic.
  • Avoiding burnout, finding work-life balance, and the pivot that caused her to rethink how she practices law.
  • Balancing hiring staff with profitability.

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