Is there a secret to scaling a law firm to six figures in a short period of time? That’s what we’ll find out today on Wealthy Woman Lawyer®.

Today’s guest on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast is Tremaine Hemans, the attorney founder and owner of The Hemans Law Group in Florida. Hemans Law is primarily focused on immigration and operates in all 50 states and around the world.

Join Davina and Tremaine as they uncover the trick to overcoming imposter syndrome and toxic humility, why accepting help was essential to getting her firm off the ground, how listening to her intern helped her leverage social media to gain business traction, and the importance of not being afraid to ask for you what you need. All of this and more led to Tremaine Hemans scaling her firm to six figures in just two years–and you can do it, too.

Show Highlights:

  • Tremaine Hemans’s path to opening her own law firm and how her experiences as an immigrant influenced her areas of practice
  • Using your personal experiences to empower yourself and persuade others with your unique perspective
  • Why Tremaine offers mentoring and coaching to law students and small business owners, and what drives her to help others
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and toxic humility to achieve success
  • The mental tricks she uses to overcome self-doubt and increase confidence
  • The help Tremaine accepted from others to get her firm off the ground
  • How she leveraged social media to help scale her firm to six figures in two years
  • Knowing what your services are worth, listening when someone offers advice, and not being afraid to ask for what you need

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