Flexibility in a traditional law firm environment can be challenging to attain. In fact, it’s a significant motivating factor in attorneys starting their law firms.

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On today’s episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Davina introduces us to Erin Giglia, co-founder of Montage Legal Group. Montage Legal Group is changing the landscape of practicing law by offering attorneys for hire on a freelance and contract basis. In exchange, Montage Legal Group lawyers get the flexibility and work-life balance they want in their careers.

Join us as Davina and Erin’s conversation covers who Montage Legal Group attorneys are, how they find and screen their lawyers, their ideal client profile, and why you may want to consider hiring freelance attorneys as a more cost-effective option for your firm.

Show Highlights:

  • Erin Giglia’s decision to leave a prestigious career in big law to start her business, Montage Legal Group, with her business partner
  • Erin’s fears surrounding stepping out of the traditional legal career and forging new path
  • Erin’s initial vision for Montage Legal Group and how the firm grew organically over time
  • Who their lawyers are and the various reasons they’ve chosen this nontraditional career model
  • Montage Legal Group’s screening process to locate lawyers eager to provide excellent service to their clients
  • The profile of their ideal client, the various practice areas they fulfill, and what new lawyers are looking for in their careers
  • Why hiring freelance attorneys can be a more cost-effective option for law firms
  • The benefits of becoming a freelance attorney, hiring freelance attorneys, and Erin’s tips for creating a good experience

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