Knowing your purpose can change how you show up every day at work.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, Davina interviews author, professor, podcast host, and speaker Dr. Robin L. Owens. Her company, Masterful Course Creations, teaches authors how to turn their books into masterful courses.

You’ll hear Dr. Robin outline the four indicators of purpose, how to determine your core values, why the expression of your purpose can change over time, and her advice for figuring out whether or not your values align with your mission.

Show Highlights:

  • The inspiration Dr. Robin received from her mother’s life to do what she does today
  • Her definition of purpose, how it differs from passion, and the four indicators of purpose
  • How to determine your core values
  • What purpose-based leadership means, and how your purpose and values show up as you lead
  • Purpose and how it’s expressed can change over time, creating more meaning and fulfillment
  • Life themes and finding common themes in your life that are expressed in different ways
  • Dr. Robin’s tips for finding out if your values are in alignment with your mission and how that affects your team
  • Why she turned her books into courses and now teaches others to do the same

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