Once you’ve scaled your law firm business to 7 figures, you might be looking for other investment opportunities to help you increase your wealth. If so, then you don’t want to miss this podcast interview with Seth Bradley.

Seth Bradley, managing partner of Law Capital Partners and founder of Bradley Law, Ltd., is a former Big Law real estate attorney, investor, and broker who’s closed billions of dollars in real estate transactions. He is also the host of The Passive Income Attorney Podcast and teaches attorneys how to free themselves from the shackles of the billable hour.

Seth teaches lawyers how to attain wealth by passively investing in real estate deals like apartment complexes and commercial buildings, freeing them from their dependence on their law practices as the only path to success. That passive income can work in the background while you focus on your business.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, join us as Seth explains his take on risk, his secret to finding an excellent real estate syndication investment, and his advice for becoming a real estate investor.

Show Highlights:

  • Seth’s blue-collar background, why he left medical school, and how he shifted into the legal field
  • His view on risk and what prompted him to open his own firm and begin real estate investing
  • The differences between passive and active investing
  • The three parts of an investment and Seth’s secret to finding a great syndication investment
  • His advice for educating yourself about and getting started in real estate investing
  • What crowdfunding platforms are, and why investing in those means watered-down returns
  • The differences between accredited and non-accredited investors and liquid versus illiquid investments
  • When you can expect returns and distributions
  • Seth’s recommendation for people who want to be passive investors

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