After law school, choosing a legal specialization may feel like it’s putting you on a linear career path that you can follow all the way to retirement. You set up a practice, begin hiring a team, and it feels like you’re on your way to success. Then life happens, and your plans get thrown out the window.

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, trademark attorney and business growth consultant Joey Vitale joins Davina to discuss the panic attacks that changed his life and career. Initially, he began his career in business law, discovered he hated it, and moved on to trademark law. A battle with severe anxiety pushed him to change the direction of his business yet again, and he outlines the steps he took to create the thriving practice he runs today.

Show Highlights:

  • What Joey learned about himself in law school and how a series of panic attacks changed the trajectory of his legal career
  • The trust he had to place in his team to create a stress-free law firm and the mindset shift required to do that
  • Why the hard phases you go through in your business are the good parts
  • The systems Joey put in place to take care of his clients without requiring his involvement in every task
  • Being really good at something in your business means that you should be able to train someone else to master it with systems and processes
  • The five identities of a CEO and his advice for identifying and cultivating leaders in your business
  • How to overcome the hesitance of working with contractors and overseas virtual assistants

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