More attorneys than ever before it seems are drawn to Intellectual Property (IP) law, in particular trademark law, because it’s an area of practice that allows for more location flexibility.

However, there’s much more to trademarks law than simply filing applications for clients who want to protect their intellectual property. Successful trademark attorneys know they need to acquire deep knowledge of the practice area. That’s where Trademarkabilities comes in.

In this episode of the Wealthy Woman Lawyer® podcast, Chicago-based IP attorney Stacey Kalamaras joins Davina to discuss her new online academy for trademark lawyers. She is the founder and lead instructor of Trademarkabilities, a legal training academy that provides access to comprehensive trademark instruction–far beyond just the initial application process. With her lengthy experience in marketing, branding, and trademark law, she brings a unique perspective to her education platform.

Stacey aims to help other trademark lawyers fulfill their dreams and potential while offering exciting and practical content to her clients.

Show Highlights:

  • Stacey’s path to becoming an intellectual property (IP) lawyer, and why she was in her late 30s before she graduated from law school
  • Why there’s never been a better time for women lawyers to collaborate in growing their law firm businesses
  • What led Stacey to start her own law firm and why she now focuses full-time on her training academy, Trademarkabilities
  • Why there isn’t one “right” way to be an attorney and the importance of alliance among female attorneys and entrepreneurs
  • How the pandemic and its aftermath forever changed how we, as lawyers, work with our clients
  • Stacey’s paid membership community, Trademarkabilities Insider, how it supports trademark attorneys who may not need or want her classes, and her advice for lawyers just starting in this field

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