In this unique episode, I have a conversation with not one, but TWO marketing and sales experts: Kim Garmon Hummel and Shawn Karol Sandy of Sauce Agency. Sauce Agency is a marketing agency that takes a holistic approach to business growth. Shawn has been a guest on the Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast podcast before and now she is back after creating Sauce Agency with her business partner, Kim! With Shawn’s years of sales experience and Kim’s years of marketing experience, they were perfectly aligned to be a successful team and help professional service businesses reach their true potential.

Both women are incredibly talented and share many tips that are sure to grow your law firm’s revenue. The truth is if nobody’s selling in your business (and, yes, that includes law firms), then you don’t have a business. However, you must understand your clients’ identities and know how to reach them through your digital presence before you can ask for the sale.

Listen in to learn how to invigorate your marketing plan and attract new leads like never before.

Show Highlights:

  • How (and why) Shawn and Kim came together to create Sauce Agency.
  • The importance of having everyone on the team in alignment (and knowing how to sell) before doing anything else.
  • Why you probably need to update your website
  • The REAL secret to differentiating your law firm in today’s marketplace.
  • How Sauce Agency helps clients solve their 3 AM problems (and how you can, too).

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