The month attorney Miriam Airington-Fisher started her law firm, she also was experiencing three of life’s most stressful events: separation and divorce from her spouse, the birth of her first child, and leaving the comfort of a job she had loved.

Today, Miriam is the mother of three children, and the owner and lead attorney of Airington Law firm, a business that generates more than $1 million per year in revenue. Not only is she a law firm owner, she’s also a brand new author and a speaker on a mission to make the legal profession more accessible and rewarding for other working mothers.

Listen in to this episode as Miriam and I discuss her journey including:

Show Highlights:

  • Why Miriam knew it was the right time to start her law firm business, even though she had just divorced and given birth to her first child that same month.
  • How Miriam overcame her fear of hiring her first employee (and how you can, too) and now has a solid team of high-performing employees.
  • The secret weapon Miriam used to free herself of time-sucking consultations.
  • The compelling reason she chose not to settle for a six-figure law firm and, instead, pursue her multi-7-figure dream.
  • How Miriam creates work-life not just for herself, but for her team.
  • And much more!

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