Being a lawyer involves more than paperwork and courtroom litigation. Lawyers must network with other professionals, market themselves, and avoid burning out and selling out. As a wealthy woman lawyer, you also might struggle with juggling doing it all, having confidence in the courtroom, and maintaining what’s most important to you.

In this episode, I interview Dena Lefkowitz, the founder and CEO of Achievement by Design, LLC, and author of “Winning in Your Own Court: 10 Laws for a Successful Career Without Burning Out or Selling Out.” After working as a lawyer for 25 years, Dena is now known as “the counselor’s coach,” providing professional coaching for underperforming lawyers and executives to help them become rainmakers.

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Show Highlights:

  • How Dena became a lawyer and what made her want to help lawyers
  • The importance of having your own book of business
  • Why you need to network and build professional relationships
  • The laws we didn’t learn in law school
  • How to be confident and overcome a fear of judgment

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