There is no doubt that competing with other law firms to rank on Google and grow brand awareness is complicated and time intensive. SEO strategies are constantly evolving and require steady research. It’s not easy to run your firm and stay updated on your Google rankings and the algorithm changes. This is where it’s imperative that should you decide to implement SEO, you hire a company that is knowledgeable on the subject.

In this episode, we have a discussion with Sonya Palmer, the V.P. of Operations at, about the best SEO practices for attorneys. specializes in website design and SEO services for mid to large-sized law firms in various practice areas.

Listen in to discover how your firm can rank higher on Google.

Show Highlights:

  • The correlation between web design and SEO
  • The importance of hearing women’s stories
  • What the goal of SEO for law firms is
  • What to do on Google to reach potential clients
  • The importance of keyword knowledge

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