Clients Deploy to Build 1MM Law Firms Without Overwork or Overwhelm

June 12th @ 3 pm EDT

Join me for an exclusive LIVE training where I’ll be equipping you with the exact strategy my 7-figure law firm owner clients use to create profitable, sustainable, wealth-generating law firms to help them live out their vision of success.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this FREE training:

The first essential step you must take if you want to be a million-dollar-plus law firm owner (You can’t skip this one.)

The #1 secret of ALL successful law firm scalers (And, no, it’s NOT automation.) 

The one investment most law firm owners fail to make that keeps them stuck, unable to scale past six figures.

This training is tailored specifically to address the needs of women law firm owners just like youWhy?  Because only 1.7% of women business owners EVER scale their businesses over a million dollars in gross annual revenue.

For women law firm owners–some of the most highly educated, resourceful, and intelligent people on the planetthere is no excuse for not achieving this goal.

What if you could:

Step away from your business and take time for YOU, your family, and your friends without dreading the next fire to put out?

Feel zero anxiety over putting your phone on airplane mode, or turning on that out-of-office auto-response email, and taking that trip you always said you would?

​Free up your evenings and weekends to spend time on things that interest you instead of dragging home client work?
​What if you could take photos of dream destinations, delicious meals, and memories with people you love on your phone instead of keeping a constant eye on your inbox or feeling on edge waiting for the next ping?

Every moment invested in learning these 3 critical strategies will bring you closer to your dream law firm, one that operates seamlessly without overwhelming you or falling apart if you take a extended vacations.

Your Success Story Starts Here!

  • June 6th @ 3 pm EDT

Hi! I’m Davina Frederick…

 For a decade, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of women law firm owners to help them break free from burnout while dramatically increasing their revenue without the overwork the legal industry often demands.

I know the journey you’re on.

It’s time to replace the overwhelm with CALM and CONFIDENCE and create a law firm that aligns with your goals, plans, and the lifestyle you’ve envisioned!

"Working with Davina was the BEST investment I ever made and it has paid for itself several times over."

Davina was and still is an absolute blessing when it comes to helping build my firm. I’m a newer attorney who decided to hang my own shingle. I came across Davina’s services on social media and was hooked.  Davina has helped me create a successful firm right off the bat, and I have employees working for me now! It’s absolutely crazy what you can do when you have the right guidance & support system on your side, and Davina guides you every step of the way. She’ll also hold you accountable to make sure you continue betting on yourself!

Practice Areas: Family Law
~Deveney Wells-Gibson, Esq.

"I would give 10 stars if I could. I highly recommend Wealthy Woman Lawyer!"

“I honestly had a “decent” firm before hiring her. However, her tips and guidance and everything I have learned during her modules has helped me make the mental shift to have a $1M Law Firm. Every time I talk with her during a session or listen to one of her Wealthy Woman Lawyer Modules, I leave with an ‘Aha!’ moment and I am able to apply what I’m learning. I feel like my future if brighter having gone through the program and highly recommend it without any hesitation. If you’re on the fence, just do it, and you will thank me later. Thanks for all you do, Davina & Wealthy Woman Lawyer.”

Practice Areas: Business, Church, & Employment Law, Personal Injury, Litigation
~Kristie Scott, Esq

"If you have any question about hiring Davina, don't second guess yourself, JUST DO IT!"

“I started my law firm in 2019 and had no idea that it would grow so quickly. I had always been a good lawyer, but had no idea how to grow a business. At the end of 2020, I knew that I needed help learning how to handle the growth of my business. I learned about Davina through a Facebook lawyer group and in the spring of 2021, I decided to hire her privately to help me learn how to grow my business. Within a few months, she helped overcome many issues within my firm. In 6 months, she made me realize I needed to hire an associate because I had grown to a point where I could no longer handle my caseload alone. Now, I have an associate, 2 paralegels, 1 legal assistant, and am hiring another associate! Additionally, I have more than doubled my profit with another substantial growth in profit on the horizon.”

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, Mediation, Workers’ Compensation
~Stacy Kirven, Esq.

You can absolutely have the life you’ve imagined and find incredible success in your law firm business

(without that crushing weight of overwhelm)!

Join me LIVE on June 6th at 3 pm EDT to set you up for success as a thriving law firm business owner with more time, freedom, and financial security than you thought was possible!